14′ Flatiron skiff

 Sail/motor/row boat in plywood . . . $1,700

Skiff1 14 Flatiron skiff

This flat iron skiff, or flattie, was custom built in 1997 and is fitted with both oars for rowing and a sailing rig. She is fast and seaworthy, and mighty sweet for the local rivers or off a bay beach.

Seating for three, but she moves best with one or two on board. Leeboard and gaff rig make her look smart, too. Built of plywood and sheathed in epoxy, with fiberglass below the waterline. All spars fit within the boat for transportation, and they can be stepped and struck while the boat is underway. Row out under a low bridge, sail about, then row yourself back home.

This boat can be built for $1,700 using quality, Okoume plywood (sealed with epoxy). The sailing package would add an extra $800 for 2 Spruce spars, a hollow Spruce mast, sail and rigging.

In the pictures you will see the boat rigged for rowing, for sailing, or with an electric motor. I’ve also run it with my 4hp outboard engine with good results, though a smaller gasoline motor would do as well.

Skiff3 300x196 14 Flatiron skiff Skiff2 300x191 14 Flatiron skiff

IMG 0341 01 300x225 14 Flatiron skiff

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