Crab Skiff sold!

Well, I should have charged a lot more for this little boat, as it sold in less than 24 hours.  Juan Carlos from Woodbridge, VA, I hope you and your family have a great time fishing on the Occoquan and Potomac Rivers!

Shapely boats like this are a great relief to the stone-ugly jonboats that seem to have replaced them these days.  The semi-dory shape possessed magical qualities:  you could stand on the rail and it would dip down to 3 inches or so above the water line for hauling pots and nets.  But no lower!  It just wouldn’t go down any more.  My family didn’t need a ladder to get back in the boat, since you could haul yourself in.

Wish I had taken the lines off it before it sold, as I would love to build another one in plywood/fiberglass.

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