Arrow 14 canoe

Skin on frame canoe, single or single+half . . . . . $1,400

Weighing in at 22 lbs, this ultralight canoe shows an impressive degree of speed whether with one paddler or a paddler plus child.  Capacity is a little over 300 lbs.  With its long waterline and shallow rocker, it tracks like a steamtrain, making long paddles a pleasure.

The Arrow 14 has proven to be an excellent boat. It won the Recreational Kayak class in the around-Jamestown Island race sponsored by the James River Association and Mid-Atlantic Paddlers.  Even better, it beat a third of the Stand-Up Paddleboard fleet as well.  10 miles in 2 hours & 6 minutes means that it averaged almost 4.7 mph.   It’s fast!

This design is from Platt Monfort’s Geodesic Boats. You can see the whole collection of his boats at the website,

The wooden skeleton is built of straight grain Douglas Fir, and the wood has been sealed by multiple coats of varnish. To add stiffness, kevlar roving is woven throughout the ribs and stringers. The covering is a layer of 8 oz dacron that has been coated by a thin epoxy and a two-part polyurethane paint from System Three.

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