Greenland 17 kayak

Skin on frame kayak, Used . . . . . $450

P1010029 Greenland 17 kayak

This kayak is paddle ready.  The frame came from a builder in Virginia Beach, who was experienced by the look of it.  TSC finished the keel, chines, and cockpit, skinned it with 8 oz dacron, and waterproofed the skin with multiple layers of oil paint.  Painted cedar rubrails complete the sides along with rubbing strips on the bow and stern.  Final weight is a little over 50 lbs, as the frame is made from yellow pine and oak.

This boat paddles nicely.  It is quick, as you would expect from a 17 foot boat, but it holds a balance between tracking and maneuverability characteristic of the Greenland design.  It’s the sort of achievement that could only come from hundreds of years of experimentation by a culture that depended on a good boat to provide food for itself.

This design rests on H. C. Peterson’s Instruction in Kayak Building, the seminal text on the topic and the one used by many Greenlanders themselves.

That said, this boat is for Intermediate to Advanced paddlers.  The cockpit is small, and beginners will topple a few times before they become accomplished at sliding in and out.  It is a good rolling boat.

This boat will ideally fit a person who weighs between 150 and 220 lbs, height between 5’6″ and 6′.

Greenland1small 300x224 Greenland 17 kayak Greenland3small 300x225 Greenland 17 kayak Greenland4small 300x225 Greenland 17 kayak Greenland5small 300x225 Greenland 17 kayak GreenlandAftsmall 300x225 Greenland 17 kayak GreenlandFore 300x225 Greenland 17 kayak

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