Muskrat 12 kayak

Skin-on-frame Kayak .  .  .  .  .  $1,100

IMG_1084      IMG_1086

The Muskrat 12 design comes from us at Tidewater Small Craft, drawing on a fine 10 footer designed back in the 30’s by Percy Blanford.  It weighs only about 28 lbs, and the first was built for a woman who needs to carry it back and forth from her car to her apartment, where it is stored in the extra bedroom!

But besides being easy to carry and easy to store, this boat paddles very well. It keeps going where you point it, but the slight rocker in the keel makes it easy to turn when needed.

Two cockpit designs are available:  one (below) with a solid rim that will take a spray-skirt if you are paddling in the wet or in waves, and one (above) with a more open cockpit so you could add a dog or small child with an adult paddler.  Don’t expect to Eskimo Roll in this boat.  It is built for stability, and flipping it over would take some work.

The Muskrat is built with cedar stringers, marine fir plywood frames, and covered with 8 oz Dacron that is saturated with a thin epoxy and then covered with a tough polyurethane from System Three.  No fragility here; you can scrape it, but it would be hard to cut even with a knife.

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